About Mid Missouri Drug Testing Collections

Mid-Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. brings a new opportunity to businesses and industries in the central Missouri area that have established substance abuse programs. With the advent of MDTC, Inc., those companies now have the advantage of having drug testing samples collected at their location.

With modern state-of-the-art collection techniques, MDTC, Inc. can provide to human resource and safety personnel many services related to drug testing collections. With certified breath alcohol technicians (BATs), both pre-employment and post-accident drug and alcohol collections can be performed on a 24-hour, 7 days per week basis.

A contractual arrangement with a SAMSHA (NIDA)-certified laboratory, MDTC, Inc. can offer market-competitive packages for both sample collection and sample testing.

MDTC, Inc. offers to area employers regulated by federal workplace drug testing a full third party administration service including consortium pools, notification of random selections, semi annual reports, and federal compliance assurity.

Collectors are Certified Professional Collectors (CPCs) as required by federal law (effective August 2001).

Drug testing in the workplace:

  • There’s a reason to do it!
  • There’s a right way to do it!
  • The process starts with proper collections…

Who are we?

Mid-Missouri Drug Testing Collections, Inc. started in March 2000 as a mobile service offering drug and alcohol collections to employers in the Mid-Missouri area. Since its inception, we have expanded our services to include a full package of substance abuse management requirements. With collection site agreements throughout the entire state of Missouri, MDTC, Inc. can now offer comprehensive services to businesses and employers statewide.

Our Commitment

MDTC, Inc. offers to employers market-competitive testing packages designed to ensure that companies will remain compliant with all federal and state requirements. Our pledge is to offer these services in a professional but “user friendly” environment. Our staff is always available to answer your concerns and questions about drug and alcohol testing.

About the Owner

Janet M. Johnson is the owner and president of MDTC, Inc. A life-long resident of Boone County, Janet brings to the Mid-Missouri area a dedication and commitment to offering quality services to local businesses and companies, Janet has a 20 year employment record in hospital and health related areas. In addition, Janet employs a full-time consultant with 32 years of experience in forensic drug and alcohol testing.